Sick of Christmas Vacation


Our two weeks in Nebraska have truly been wonderful. Jim and Mary Kay have been amazing hosts, and Henry and Ruby have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with their grandparents and all of their cousins. We made many great memories this Christmas Vacation. Though I don’t consider this to be the defining story of our break, we will probably always remember this as the trip that began and ended with vomit. The night before we left for Nebraska, Ruby vomited in bed. Miraculously, we flew across the country without incident.  Then, in the middle of our first night at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, Henry vomited in his sleep. All over his sister, who screamed bloody murder after such a rude awakening. Both recovered quickly, and we’ve had a nice vacation. We are scheduled to fly home in the morning. And so, like clockwork, Henry vomited multiple times tonight. Ruby has so far been spared. I wish I could say the same for Jim and Mary Kay’s carpets.




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