Dig the ditch you want to die in

That’s an expression I learned from my father-in-law, Jim – basically meaning “pick your battles.” Well, I’m not sure I want to die in it, but I dug a ditch at Fry Lodge Mud Bay today, with help from the kids. Ruby was especially interested in the project, the intent of which was to drain the water that had been standing in our driveway all winter. After some shoveling and hauling quite a bit of dirt and mud, the water did indeed start flowing from the muddy driveway out to the wetlands. As Ruby and I watched the little stream, I gave her the hydrologic explanation of what we were doing – comparing it to how water flows from mountains to the sea through rivers. Like one would to a six-year-old. Ruby listened attentively until I finished, and said, “yeah, you’re talking about surface water flow.”



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