Ranking Rotors

Henry is participating in his first science fair this week. He’s been hard at work testing his hypothesis related to the strength of different types of windmill rotor blades. This weekend, around the breakfast table, we brainstormed what to call his project. The winning title was “Ranking Rotors.” Before taking the data to school, Henry gave a short presentation on his findings.

As a result of this experience, Henry says he wants to be an engineer when he grows up. Thank you, Mr. B. Thank you, Lopez School. And, thank you, Kristine, who was Henry’s engineering coach throughout this project.


3 thoughts on “Ranking Rotors

  1. Jim and Mary Kay

    Congratulations Henry. .A very impressive demonstration of the various types of wind blade efficiency.
    Grandpa Eiting

  2. carl fry

    Good job of presenting your project Henry. Call me if you need an investor in any of your projects.
    I will certainly find one. Congratulations Henry.

    Grampa Carl

  3. kaye fry

    congratulations Henry and your mentor Kristine. What an impressive presentation. Thank You. I am impressed that you are aware that there is a difference between hypothosis and theory. Could that be your next presentaion? ” Oh the places you”ll go” by Dr. Seuss. Birthday march, 2nd.

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