He wants it

Henry Owen Fry played his first-ever baseball game on Saturday. In the words of his coach, “he wants it.” Which, at this age, is way more than half the battle. He wants it. He wanted to play catcher. He wanted to play first base. And he wanted to hit that ball. He did. On his very first at-bat, Henry hit the ball. He was thrown out at first, but we were so proud. On his second at-bat, he hit it again. This time he outran the throw to first. We couldn’t be more proud of Henry “Hank” Owen Fry. Here is his first hit, in slow motion.

Hank Owen


Spit for Dinner

Spencer Spit, that is. Tonight, to cap another wonderful Lopez visit from Grandma and Grandpa Fry, we packed a picnic dinner to Spencer Spit – our favorite place on Planet Earth. We grilled some burgers and vegetables over the flames, and had a delicious watermelon from Blossom Grocery. Soundtrack for the evening: The Brothers Four – one of my dad’s favorite bands growing up.


We’re always sad to see Carl and Kaye leave. Yes, we’ll miss their wisdom and good company. We’ll also miss their babysitting and ability to fix things around Fry Lodge. Please come back soon, mom and dad!

Child Free

Today, Kristine and I walked around Seattle all day. By ourselves. This is  the longest no-kids stretch for us together all year. We hit some Seattle landmarks on our walk, including REI, the Center for Wooden Boats and Dick’s Drive In, where we had this amazing chocolate shake. Thanks to Carl and Kaye for taking Henry and Ruby for a few days while we recharge our batteries.


Happy 4-5-6 Easter

Today was a double celebration at Fry Lodge, combining Easter and our 9th wedding anniversary. We started the day with an Easter egg hunt in the apartment, followed by mass at Christ Our Hope church in Belltown and a family walk to Olympic Sculpture Park – where we had a picnic in the sun. The traditional ninth anniversary gift is willow – standing for nature and flexibility – so Kristine and I bought a picnic basket as a present for each other. It came in handy today.


Happy 4-5-6 Easter, Kristine.


Passcode: Fry Lodge

The other day, as I walked down the hallway of Fry Lodge, I noticed somebody had fastened a calculator to Ruby’s bedroom door, and I smiled. After a while Ruby and Henry came into my office to inform me that they had installed a keypad on the door, which was to be used for typing in the passcode to gain entry. They then told me their passcodes, which happen to be the same as their school hot lunch codes. I appreciated their creativity, if not the importance they place on bedroom security.

Today, Kristine and I participated in both Henry’s and Ruby’s parent-teacher conferences. Keeping with the precedent set in the fall, they both remain ahead of the curve – at least a grade level above their peers in all subjects and social skills. We are very proud to be the parents of these two characters. Keep it up, kids.