Passcode: Fry Lodge

The other day, as I walked down the hallway of Fry Lodge, I noticed somebody had fastened a calculator to Ruby’s bedroom door, and I smiled. After a while Ruby and Henry came into my office to inform me that they had installed a keypad on the door, which was to be used for typing in the passcode to gain entry. They then told me their passcodes, which happen to be the same as their school hot lunch codes. I appreciated their creativity, if not the importance they place on bedroom security.

Today, Kristine and I participated in both Henry’s and Ruby’s parent-teacher conferences. Keeping with the precedent set in the fall, they both remain ahead of the curve – at least a grade level above their peers in all subjects and social skills. We are very proud to be the parents of these two characters. Keep it up, kids.



2 thoughts on “Passcode: Fry Lodge

  1. Jim Eiting

    Congratulations Henry and Ruby. .keep it up we are very proud of you📚🌝💡🌟
    Love you
    Grandma and Grandpa Eiting

  2. kaye fry

    Congratulations Ruby and Henry. Your teachers are very lucky to have such good students in their class. You both are good examples to your friends in class. We are very proud of you! “Oh The Places You’ll Go” (Dr.. Seuss”)
    Grumpa and Grams Fry XXX OOO

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