Thank you for smoking

Kristine did many memorable things this Mother’s Day. The most important was probably learning how to use our new Little Chief smoker, in which she smoked salmon for most of the day (it’s a 12-hour process from start to finish.) We ate the finished product before bed and decided we need to keep smoking.


While we waited for the smoker to do its thing, Kristine and I took advantage of a rare kid-free afternoon to kayak around Mud Bay. Thanks to Mr. Mom, Tommer Roush, who hosted Henry and Ruby for a play date this afternoon. We had a great time and decided we also need to keep kayaking.


Finally, thanks to Kristine for being such an amazing mom and wife. Any mom who smokes salmon and kayaks on Mother’s Day needs to keep mothering.



One thought on “Thank you for smoking

  1. Grandpa & Grandma Eiting

    Kristine you are amazing. .happy Mommy’s Day..can’t wait for July. .we love you.
    Mom and Dad

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