Independent Lopez

Every year the Lopez Island community puts on a parade for the 4th of July. For the past several years, the kids’ baseball team has had their own float – in the form of a flat bed trailer towed behind a dump truck. As I was dropping Henry and Ruby off at the beginning of the parade route, I heard the driver, Jeremiah, giving the kids instructions on how to hold on in order to avoid being run over. It was then that I decided to be a float chaperone.


That also made me, by default, candy policeman – in charge of regulating the amount of candy the kids tossed to spectators as the dump truck made its way along the parade route. Every year, the candy runs out before the float gets to the judges table. This year was no exception. But it was a hell of a lot of fun. As we got off the flat bed trailer at the end of the parade route, Ruby pulled 3 pieces of candy or of her pocket that she had apparently saved for herself. Parade judges be damned.


Jim and Mary Kay are on Lopez currently. This is their first visit to Fry Lodge Mud Bay, and they are enjoying themselves thoroughly. We had an excellent 4th of July, topped off by a spectacular fireworks display in Fisherman Bay. In between naps, we’ve played a few games of washers. Good times.



One thought on “Independent Lopez

  1. kaye fry@

    Sounds like a wonderful 4th and leave it to Ruby! Happy that all are having a great time! We also had a good 4th.l

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