Sh#t, that’s my boat!

Henry, Ruby and I had Emotional Rescue III at full throttle as we headed in tonight after checking the crab pots (3 keepers). We were a little late. Kristine was awaiting our arrival so she could serve home made pizza. I hurried off the boat, wanting to quickly clean the crab before dinner. I was immediately distracted by a swarm of bees who were extra attracted to my crab-bait-juice-soaked clothes. As I finished cleaning the last crab, I noticed a driverless boat floating in the middle of Mud Bay. Hmm, I thought, that’s stran… shit, that’s my boat! I set the crab down, grabbed a paddle, ran to the beach and jumped into the kayak to go rescue the Rescue. What a way to start a Friday night. ER III is now safe on shore.


This has been a busy, yet pretty awesome week on Lopez. Last night, the Fry Family Quartet took the boat out to check the crab pots on the first day of the 2015 crabbing season (3 keepers). We took the boat to the end of the bay to take our friend, Steve, out to check his pots (2 keepers, but it’s not a competition).


Steve and his partner, Renee, invited us to stay for a surf-and-turf, all-Lopez dinner, including the five Dungeness crab we had collectively caught. We had a lovely time and enjoyed every last minute of sunlight as the four of us idled home in Emotional Rescue III – long after the sun had set over Mud Bay. Sure beats a drive home in the minivan. Or a late night subway ride.


Hopefully the fun will continue through the weekend. Grandpa Mustache and Grandma White Wine arrive tomorrow.


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