Sister Rita

As I was checking out the Cairnwood Estate mansion, I came across John Schmidt on the stairs. I asked him if he needed any pointers as he prepared to give his speech about his sister, Rita, whose wedding reception was taking place at this beautiful setting outside Philadelphia (think Great Gatsby). John informed me he was planning to sing his toast, at which point I was certain I would be of no help. I couldn’t wait to see how it’d turn out. Suffice it to say, John gave the best wedding toast I’ve ever heard. Fortunately, another guest had the presence of mind to capture the whole thing on video.

The Schmidt family never fails to put on a great party. The wedding reception for Rita and Andrew was no exception. The Fry Family Quartet enjoyed every minute of it – all the way through the second band’s final rendition of “Shout” at the end of the night. And, of course, it was great to see all of Kristine’s extended family, of which I am proud to consider myself a part.  It’s fun to watch Henry and Ruby interact with their cousins and second cousins. What a great family.

SchmidtyButts Bus

After a weekend in Philadelphia, we drove to the Jersey Shore, where we are now, to spend a few days at the Schmidt Shore house. Today we enjoyed some beach time and several swims in the Atlantic, which is much warmer than the Salish Sea. As much as we love Lopez Island, it’s nice to chill out with family in another part of the world once in a while.

Jersey Shore


One thought on “Sister Rita

  1. kaye Fry

    What a beautiful wedding toast! Thank you for sharing . Fry lodge is blessed to have so many wonderful people in their lives and to have such great esperiences.
    Mom and dad/gramps and grams Fry

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