What would Kelley do?

If asked what I’m thankful for today, I would say I’m thankful for the fact that our remodel is finished in time for Thanksgiving. Tonight, Kristine and I carried our furniture back in from the garage, where it has been sitting for the past four weeks while we: tore out the shag carpet, sanded all the trim, removed the spider-infested wood box, patched drywall, painted walls and doors, installed new trim and laid new carpet. It was, at times, frustrating – especially as we neared the end of the project. Painful, too, particularly for Kristine, who sliced her hand with a razor knife last week as she cut carpet squares. Though we had a few inevitable arguments along the way, I think we were a pretty good team. I’m glad we got to do this project together. We have my sister, Kelley, to thank for teaching us our skills during last year’s kitchen remodel. This year, as we pondered various issues that arose, we found ourselves asking, “What would Kelley do?” She would have painted the ceiling.


Perfect for living room Twister



Goodbye barn animal chandelier



Goodbye shag carpet


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