Pre birthday party

Ruby turns 7 (!) this week, so we hosted a pre birthday party for her at Fry Lodge this weekend – complete with Christmas cookie decorating, dancing, blind folds and the chaos that typically accompanies 11 little girls high on sugar. One of my favorite conversations overheard from the kitchen was this: “Where does Santa leave presents if you don’t have a tree? Under the TV.”






About Tim Fry

Tim is a global communications consultant. He has a background in storytelling, opinion research, brand campaigns and product launches for clients big and small. He has been recognized with several industry awards, including Ad Age’s “40 under 40” and PR News' "15 to Watch." Tim has a bachelor of science degree in foreign service from Georgetown University. When he's not helping people tell their best stories, you're likely to find him riding his bike, kayaking or catching Dungeness Crab on Lopez Island, WA. He can be reached at
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3 Responses to Pre birthday party

  1. Kaye. fry says:

    What a Happy and fun birthday!!! I love the “where does Santa leave the presents”?

  2. Kaye. fry says:

    Kristine and Tim you are remarkable parents!

  3. Tim Fry says:

    Ruby certainly has remarkable grandparents. Two sets.

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