Fry Lodge is in the Christmas Spirit

When, where and how to get the Fry Lodge Christmas tree is usually the source of much debate among the Fry Family Quartet. This year we went back and forth between every option – from going to a tree farm off-island, to buying a 4H tree at the grocery store, to cutting down a tree on our own property. The options paralyzed us. Until today, when Kristine noticed a message on from somebody offering free trees for people willing to cut and take them away. So that’s what we did. The time between cut-down and stand-up was less than 20 minutes. The kids hung ornaments after school, and just like that Fry Lodge is in the Christmas spirit!




4 thoughts on “Fry Lodge is in the Christmas Spirit

  1. Grandpa Eiting

    I love your Christmas Tree….can’t wait to see it in person….counting the hours. I agree Henry’s sweatshirt FITS and LOOKS great GBR … and Ruby your dress is THE BEST….ROCK AND ROLL RUBY!! Love you all Grandpa Eiting

    1. Henry put up Christmas lights last night in his bedroom. He also took down the “Keep Out” signs, as they don’t convey the Christmas spirit. He’s making a concerted effort to stay on Santa’s Nice list.

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