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Fry Lodge Creativity

Half days of school all week means lots of extra time at home to do all kinds of things. We started the afternoon with logo design for our upcoming summer ProjectWA road trip. Ruby was particularly interested in this assignment. … Continue reading

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Longest Bedtime Story While Child Sleeps

Grandma and Grandpa Eiting gave Henry the 2016 Guinness Book of World Records for his birthday. Tonight at bedtime Henry asked if I’d read out loud from that book instead of Percy Jackson. No problem. I became totally engrossed in … Continue reading

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Henry is Nine!

Henry turns nine today. Traditional birthday breakfast in bed included: Grandma’s scones (mailed from California), waffles with chocolate frosting and whipped cream, dad’s bacon, mom’s delicious smoothie, and breakfast companion, sister Ruby. Happy birthday H-man. Where does the time go?

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Number 9

Fry Lodge hosted nine of Henry’s friends for his ninth birthday party today. Big success – complete with capture the flag, foursquare, cupcakes and corndogs from Tommer. One of Henry’s sweetest gifts was this homemade sign from his buddy Silas … Continue reading

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

We had a bit of a bumpy start at Fry Lodge today. Damage report: one bruised head, a downed fence, and two lost kayaks. Henry will be totally fine – His bandage makes his injury look worse than it is. … Continue reading

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Springtime Boundaries

After a fairly productive Sunday that included a run to the dump and preparing Ruby’s bedroom to be painted, I settled in to do some work on my laptop – looking forward to some time off my feet. My butt … Continue reading

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