Springtime Boundaries


After a fairly productive Sunday that included a run to the dump and preparing Ruby’s bedroom to be painted, I settled in to do some work on my laptop – looking forward to some time off my feet. My butt had just hit the chair when Henry and his buddy, Rudy, came in and asked if I’d get the kayaks out so they could paddle around the bay. How could I say no? I’d much rather have them outside than have their noses in screens playing Minecraft. I’d been thinking for weeks about how I needed to empty the water that’d collected in the kayaks over the winter. The boys helped me scoop and sponge out the ice-cold, algae-filled water, and then they were on their way. They had a great time, and I’m glad I didn’t succumb to the screen time alternative.


As soon as I sat down again, Ruby and her friend, Audrey, came in. Ruby said, “Dad, can you mow the lawn?” That’s where I drew the line.



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