St. Raphael Surprise

All of us woke up at 4:30 this morning. Instead of fighting it, we decided to just begin our first day in Hawaii, brew a pot of coffee and get ready for mass at St. Raphael, the oldest Catholic Church on Kauai, where Kristine and I got married 10 years ago.


Sitting through mass, as the roosters crowed, brought back  so many memories. At the end of mass, after announcements, the priest asked if anybody was celebrating an anniversary this month. Kristine and I looked at each other, then sheepishly raised our hands. Father called us to the altar, where we told him we were celebrating 10 years and in fact had been married at that very spot by Father Edison. He said a blessing and the congregation applauded as Henry and Ruby looked on in awe from the pew. What a perfect start to our anniversary trip.



2 thoughts on “St. Raphael Surprise

  1. Grandpa Jim Eiting

    What a great story. …today is Grandpa Raphael Paul Watson’s birthday. …irony he smiling down on you for sure

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