Turtles and Luaus

Wait, that underwater rock shouldn’t be moving. That was my first thought when I saw an object bigger than both Henry and Ruby saunter past the kids and me as we floated in 3 feet of water on Poipu Beach this afternoon. Oh, that’s not a rock; that’s a turtle. This was a nice surprise during another wonderful day in Kauai. It’s taken us 4 trips to this place to realize that the beach right in front of our rented condo at the Kiahuna Plantation is the best beach on the island – especially for kids who love swimming. And the occasional no-big-deal turtle.



After a day at the beach, we attended the requisite luau at the Sheraton. The kids weren’t exactly sure what to expect, but they ended up loving it once they realized they could go back for as many desserts as they wanted. The fire blowing, fire throwing dancer helped, too.



No day on Kauai would be complete unless Kristine and I were called out in front of a large crowd to recognize our wedding anniversary. This time, as we took the stage to dance, we handed our phones to the kids and told them to take pictures. Aloha.



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