Burying Saint Joseph

It was 8:30 a.m., Saturday –Tour de Lopez weekend. The Fry Family Quartet was looking forward to a day of biking and a visit from our friends, the Kielys. The weather was cooperating. Oysters were ordered. At 9:30, we would head to the village to pick up our friends. At 8:34 a.m., I got a text from our real estate agent, saying, “I’m showing your house today at 11:45.” Spoiler alert: Fry Lodge Mud Bay is on the market, and we’re very excited to be moving to Bellingham, WA.

We had less than an hour to get Fry Lodge show ready: dishes done, counters wiped, floors mopped, carpet vacuumed, laundry hidden. Henry and Ruby were banished to the yard, while Kristine and I literally ran from room to room, wielding rags, picking up toys, making beds and decluttering the place. There might have been a few F-bombs dropped. More than one person cried. I heard somebody with my voice say to Kristine, “you need to work faster.”

I texted the Kielys to let them know we might be a little late. We got the place spotless by 9:40. As I did my final inspection of the house before leaving, I spotted the statue of Saint Joseph on the mantle. We’d purchased the statue from Amazon the week before, buying into the Catholic superstition that we should bury Saint Joseph, upside down in the yard, if we wanted to increase our chances of selling the house.

At 9:41, the two adults who had just been yelling at each other, gathered their two children in the yard, dug a hole, and buried a 6-inch plastic statue of Saint Joseph. At 9:42, we made the sign of the cross and I read – out loud – the prayer of Saint Joseph for all of Mud Bay to hear (think Griswald family in Vacation after leaving their dead Aunt Agnes on their in-laws’ back patio).



At 9:43, we tore out of the driveway in the minivan and sped to Lopez Village, trying not to hit the bicyclists who had shown up for the Tour de Lopez.


Laundry goes in the RV before house showings.


4 thoughts on “Burying Saint Joseph

  1. Jim Eiting

    What a great story…you are the best.
    Trust me St Joseph really works
    We pointed ours the wrong direction and sold the neighbor’s house

  2. Kelley

    Gotta tell ya. St. Joe. Works. Had 3 clients bury him right and SOLD within a week. One was cousin Stephanie. She bought for her friend and BANG his sold too after being on the market for months!

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