The State of Fry Lodge

Two weeks ago, the moving truck arrived at Fry Lodge Lopez to pack and carry away all of our belongings – save what we could fit into a 24-foot RV for two months of life on the road. We’ve become experts at moving over the past three years. Seattle to New York. New York to Lopez. A Seattle apartment. And now, Lopez to Bellingham, with a 1500-mile road trip thrown in for good measure.


We’re now one week into our ProjectWA summer tour. So far, we’re having a blast. We left Lopez last Sunday and spent one night in our new home in Bellingham – a bit of a tease before spending 50 nights straight in an RV that’s smaller than our new bedroom. We’re savoring every moment of this trip, but we’re also anxious to get to know our new home, “the city of subdued excitement.”


In the meantime, Fry Lodge is mobile. We’re getting into the RV park routine. Back up slowly. Hook up the water and power. Start the propane. Take down the bikes. Cruise the perimeter. Find out how long the coin-operated showers last. Set up the grill. Wash the dishes with minimal water. Collapse into bed. Repeat.


We spend anywhere from one to four nights in each RV park. During the days, we take side trips to the towns where I have meetings. When we travel to our next site, we caravan. I take the lead with the RV, while Kristine follows behind in the little red Fiesta. Henry and Ruby trade off between vehicles, which makes music selection a little easier. So far we’ve completely avoided the Interstate. Though I’ve traveled all over Washington during my life, I’ve never been on some of these roads. It’s like Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley, but we don’t have a poodle.


I like to say that Fry Lodge is a state of mind. This summer, Fry Lodge is the state of Washington. #ProjectWA.






2 thoughts on “The State of Fry Lodge

  1. Troy Markus

    Fry Family,
    Sounds like you are having a great summer. Welcome to Bellingham! My wife Sydney and I have lived here since 93′ and find it to be a wonderful place to call home. We had just found your Mud Bay home and then it was gone. I thought it had sold, but see that you just took it off the market. Are you still planning to put it back on the market when you return? We are interested in coming to check it out, as we are actively looking for an island get away. We will be visiting the neighborhood in early August if you are back by then. Best regards, Troy

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