Mixing it up at Fry Lodge 

The past two weeks at Fry Lodge have been a great reminder of the benefits of periodically mixing it up. With Kristine in Nebraska and Iowa for 12 days, Daddy Fryman played the role of solo parent. By the time Kristine returned, I think we had mostly changed the kids’ expectations of which parent does what around Fry Lodge. And, there’s nothing like going it alone to make one fully appreciative of a partner’s contribution. 6:30 breakfast. Ruby gets Honey Nut Cheerios, Henry gets oatmeal. Lunches packed by 7am. Ruby likes a ham sandwich (only 2 slices!) with a THIN layer of mayo. Henry likes soup. Remember, no nuts or anything remotely resembling nuts. 7:50am bus stop. 3:30 drop off, except on Thursdays. Monday ice skating, Wednesday chess club, Friday Taekwondo. One hour of screens per day. Oh, sh#t, what’s for dinner?! Kristine, welcome home. 

To make things even more interesting (in a good way), Grandma White Wine and Grandpa Mustache paid Fry Lodge Bellingham their first visit last week. More things to remember. Grandma doesn’t eat breakfast before 9am. Grandpa also needs a screen time limit. Grandma is a back seat driver. Grandpa likes to depart 30 minutes earlier than necessary. Thank you for visiting, mom and dad. We love you! 


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