The Dreaded Teacher Conference 

I remember the first time I accompanied my parents to a teacher conference at St. Mary’s Elementary. I was petrified with fear, knowing that Sister Philip was sure to deliver an unflattering report on my behavior. To my shock and relief, she spared me – confirming for me there is a God. Either that, or she had me confused with some other child. 

I did not sense the same anxiety with Henry and Ruby as we prepared to attend their Student Involved Conferences this week. My how times have changed. The format of the conference involved Henry and Ruby leading us through a review of their work. They showed us how they could do math problems, read to us the stories they’d written, and discussed their most recent units of inquiry. Their teachers of course gave us their reviews, too. Both are learning at an accelerated rate. Ruby is already reading at the level 2nd graders are expected to reach at the end of the school year, and Henry’s stories are being read to his class as examples of excellent work. 

There’s a lot of pride at Fry Lodge, where all of the children continue to be above average. Keep it up, kids! 


One thought on “The Dreaded Teacher Conference 

  1. KAYE fRY

    Great pictures! CONGRATULATIONS Fry Lodge students! Way to study and to succeed. MUCH THANKS also to FRY LODGE PARENTS! It takes good parents to set the bar! FRY LODGE CONCLUSIVELY HAS SET AND EXCELLED THE BAR. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

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