We pulled the burgers off the grill just as it started raining. By the time everybody grabbed their plates and scrambled into the RV, it was pouring. The wind started rocking our little motorhome, and lightning was flashing in every direction. The dustbowl we had entered just 30 minutes earlier was now a mud pit. Welcome to the Badlands. 

We ate our burgers and watched the lightning show as we waited for the weather to improve. Then, as quickly as it started, the rain stopped. Henry and I decided to take a hike to scope out the perimeter. As soon as we stepped outside, we saw a bison just a few dozen yards away, who had entered the camping area while everybody had retreated to their vehicles during the storm. 

We waited for the massive beast to wander off before Henry and I climbed to the top of a nearby hill. From there we got a nice view of the Badlands National Park. It’s pretty similar to the Grasslands of Saskatchewan – with a few more trees. Henry and I just stood up there and listened to the sound of nothing for a while. And then we heard the coyotes. 

In an earlier post, I mentioned our streamlined approach to packing for this trip. The exception to that is the bag of random stuff I brought along, including several rolls of duck tape, clamps and a Mexican blanket. All three items proved invaluable for making a wind break for our picnic shelter, pictured at top. AKA Fryman’s Hobo Hangout. 


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