2017 Fry Lodge Christmas Tree Hunt 

With a new twist every year, the Fry Lodge Christmas tree tradition never gets old. This year we tried out yet another tree farm, Small’s Northwest Evergreens up in Ferndale, which the kids have decided should be our go-to tree farm in the future. We found a nice selection of noble firs, a cool 2017 Fry Family ornament in the gift shop, and ducks to feed at the end of it all.

Once home, everybody was in the Christmas spirit, so we got to work decorating the tree, listening to some Jackson Five and Bing Crosby Christmas albums and creating a make shift nativity scene. This was Henry’s year to put on the star. 

As we decorated, we remembered last year’s spider-infested tree. So far, we’ve only seen a lady bug crawl out. 

Presenting the 2017 Fry Lodge Christmas Tree 


5 thoughts on “2017 Fry Lodge Christmas Tree Hunt 

  1. Kaye Fry

    Another Charlie Brown ( beautiful) Fry Lodge Christmas tree!! Merry Christmas to Fry Lodge Bellingham?🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲

    ⁣Sent from BlueMail ​

  2. Kaye Fry

    Charlie Brown Christmas Trees are the embodiment of beautiful Fry Lodge Christmas Traditions that hold memories forever. what could be more beautiful? Hugs and continued Merry Christmas’s to Fry Lodge Bellingham. Grams

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