Happy New Year from Fry Lodge

The Fry Lodge Year-in-Review video is a good opportunity to reflect on an entire year of adventure, change and growth for the Fry Family. 2017 was quite a year. We made some nice friends in Bellingham, traveled all around North America… again, and [re]learned several skills, including snow skiing at the end of the year. We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings.

Happy New Year to the Fry Lodge Faithful!

2017 Fry Lodge Year-in-Review | soundtrack by B.E.R. (The Night Begins to Shine)


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Fry Lodge

  1. Kaye (Grams) and Gramps

    Love the Fry Lodge 2017 Highlights. A GREAT year of experiences, growth and maturing. HAPPY 2018 to FRY Lodge!💕💕

    1. Mary Kay Eiting

      Love this! Love you! So many great pictures & memories. 😄 Happy New Year. May 2018 bring health, happiness & peace to all!
      Hi to Kaye & Carl!

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