About Fry Lodge

Years ago, long before I had a family, I used to fantasize about someday running my own resort, which I’d call Fry Lodge. After we got married, it became a regular topic of conversation – of the eye-rolling kind – between Kristine and me. At some point, we started calling our house Fry Lodge. And it just stuck. As we’ve moved around a bit, we’ve named our homes Fry Lodge + Location (Fry Lodge – Seattle, Fry Lodge – West Village, Fry Lodge – Mud Bay). But, more than a location, Fry Lodge is a way of life.  Fry Lodge Online is how we keep our friends and family – the “Fry Lodge Faithful” – updated on our family adventures. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll open that resort. In the mean time, we hope you enjoy the antics of the Fry Family Quartet (Tim, Kristine, Henry and Ruby).

Fry Family Quartet



2 thoughts on “About Fry Lodge

  1. kaye Fry

    The Fry Lodge Blog is one of the Highlights of the day. I love watching the activities of the Fry Family that I would miss if it would not for the blog. Thank You Kristine and Tim. Thank You Ruby and Henry for the antics .

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