Fry Lodge Pillow Talk 

Thanks to Aunt Donna, the Fry Lodge living room is now branded! And, this gives me more ideas for customized items we need to order from Marshes Fields & Hills.


Fry Lodge Mixed Media 

It’s been a summer of creativity so far at Fry Lodge. Screens have been *mostly* pushed aside to make room for sketch books. Henry and Ruby have discovered Manga. Now, instead of fighting over who gets the computer, they fight over who gets the Manga how-to manual. This morning, Ruby woke up at 6AM and immediately started drawing in her sketch book. She’s such a perfectionist when it comes to art. Henry’s work, just as creative, has been on the more practical end of the spectrum. The other day he drew a yellow chalk center line all the way up the access road behind our house. It confused the hell out of the construction crew building the house next door. 

The summer’s art hasn’t been limited to drawing. Today, Ruby turned to science experiments in the kitchen. I’m a little nervous about the road ahead. 

New center line, courtesy Henry 

Hello Summer 

Another year, another school for the Fry kids. The 2016-17 academic year is a wrap, and Henry and Ruby are one summer away from 5th and 3rd grade. It seems like they both grew at an accelerated rate this year – on every level. Comparing their first and last day of school photos, it looks like each is a head taller. 

Emotionally, socially and academically, both Henry and Ruby made big strides this year in Bellingham. Henry joined the chess club and made it to the state tournament. Ruby discovered her artist self and blew all of us away with her unique perspective on the world. Both took up ice skating and soccer and made so many friends in the process. 

The week before school let out, Kristine and I had the opportunity to review the kids’ portfolios that document their units of inquiry and work over the course of the year. Among Henry’s projects was a how-to chess book, which he sweetly dedicated to me. Ruby’s art section was stunning. Both of their teachers were amazing, which is a huge reason why they both excelled as much as they did. 

The Fry kids have hit their stride in Bellingham. This weekend we start a well deserved summer vacation. In preparation for our cross country RV trip in July, we’re doing a shake down cruise with the RV this weekend. Next week Ruby begins swimming lessons. Then Henry goes to LARP camp. The adventure continues. 

Henry, Open Mic 

Before soccer practice, the Fry Family Quartet made a stop at school for the annual 4th grade poetry reading. Henry’s class has been doing a unit of inquiry focused on poetry, culminating in today’s open mic performance. Henry read two of his poems, Confusion and Seaweed. Pretty impressive stuff. After the live show, we perused the kids’ other work (Henry’s pictured below), which hung around the room. Nice work, Henry. You’re a poet, and I didn’t know it. 

Fry Lodge Creativity

Half days of school all week means lots of extra time at home to do all kinds of things. We started the afternoon with logo design for our upcoming summer ProjectWA road trip. Ruby was particularly interested in this assignment. We like her design so much, we’re considering using it for our official ProjectWA tee shirts. I think Ruby has a future in graphic design.


This afternoon, we moved on to Henry’s science homework, which involved creating a device that would count 60 seconds consistently. Henry and Kristine took on this assignment, using sand from the beach, a funnel and a plastic bottle. After several attempts, they determined the exact amount of sand that would take 60 seconds to fill up the bottle. Well done, Fry Lodge engineers.



Fry Family Glass Art Class


The Fry Family Quartet learned a new medium today. One of our traditions is to buy the annual family Christmas tree ornament when we cut down our tree. The Lopez field where we got our tree this year didn’t come with a Christmas shop. Luckily, we’d scheduled a family fused glass workshop with our glass artist friend, Terri. We spent this afternoon learning how to cut and construct colored glass that will be heated and fused in Terri’s kiln. It was a lot of fun, and we all ended up with cool ornaments. I think we’ve found our new Fry Lodge Christmas ornament tradition. Thanks, Terri!



Labor Day Lopez

This was the first weekend in a month that the entire Fry Family Quartet has been together on Lopez – after a series of vacation and work related trips. We got reacquainted with the people and activities we love most: biking, crabbing, kayaking, play dating and eating. The studio tour was this weekend, so we spent time at our favorite glass artist’s studio, BarnFire Glass, owned by Terri Roush.


We also enjoyed an awesome pizza party at Camp Roush on Sunday. Tommer and Terri have a wood fired pizza oven that produces some of the best pies I’ve ever eaten.


This was a wonderful Labor Day weekend, and a great way to end the summer with friends. The Fry and Roush kids get along so well and spend so much time together, we’re now scheming how we can cut a trail so the children can walk the 3 miles between our houses. Maybe there’s a water route, too.