Sometimes a long bike ride is as relaxing as lying on the beach with a cool beverage. Today was one of those days. I rode 28 miles roundtrip to mow the lawn at Fry Lodge Mud Bay.

The one-hour-fifteen-minute ride from one end of Lopez Island to another was a good opportunity to reflect on life. It’s interesting how my mind wanders on these long rides that put me into a meditative state.

My mom turned 77 today. After mowing my lawn, I called to wish her happy birthday. She was in Colorado, about to enter a restaurant for a birthday party of a friend whom she’d driven 1000 miles to surprise. It wasn’t even her friend’s actual birthday. Celebrating somebody else’s birthday on her own birthday. Classic Kaye.

My trip to Lopez was bookended by ferry rides. Such a beautiful way to travel – especially when a bike allows you to skip the hour-long car line to board.

It was a very relaxing, thought-provoking day. I think I need a cool beverage on a beach to recover.


Ski to Sea

The subdued excitement was palpable this Memorial Day weekend at Fry Lodge. Physical activity included: walking, biking, kayaking and sitting on the edge of our seats while watching Solo, a Star Wars Story.

To kick off the weekend, Henry, Ruby and I biked to Mallard Ice Cream. Because no Fry Lodge bike ride is complete without ice cream.

The annual Ski to Sea event is held over Memorial Day weekend in Bellingham. We walked down to Fairhaven on Sunday to watch the racers cross the finish line as they completed the kayak leg of the relay race, which started 60 miles to the east on the ski slopes of Mt. Baker. Last weekend, Ruby participated in the Jr. Ski to Sea event. She did the biking leg for her team, the Pug People.

Today, inspired by the previous day’s race, we hauled our kayaks to Birch Bay to launch the Fry Family Flotilla. The kids held their own. Ruby needed a short tow when the wind kicked up.

An awesome, very memorable Memorial Day. Bring on summer.

Henry is Ten

As Kristine and I walked around Lake Padden this morning, we reminisced about another 3-mile walk she took exactly 10 years ago. At 40 weeks pregnant, and after 2 months of bed rest, Kristine decided to walk to Blue Moon Burger, where she ordered the spicy jalapeño burger. That, combined with the mile-and-a-half walk home, quickly led to labor and the birth of Henry Owen Fry, who turned 10 today. 

The large volume of red meat preceding his birth probably explains Henry’s preference for a juicy steak birthday dinner. He also likes spicy food. 

Everybody was extremely pleased with how Henry’s 10th birthday unfolded. It started, of course, with breakfast in bed. Immediately after chess club, we opened presents and ate cupcakes. Nothing fancy. Small presents. We told Henry he should go downstairs to play the new video game Ruby gave him. Waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs was a new big boy bike. We’d successfully underset expectations and overdelivered. 

Happy birthday, Henry. I’m so glad Kristine ate that burger 10 years ago. 

Fry Lodge Mobile

For nearly two months, starting as soon as the kids are out of school, Fry Lodge is going mobile. For most of the summer we’ll be living in our RV as we travel around the Pacific Northwest. We’re calling it ProjectWA.


Having never driven, slept in… or emptied the gray water of our own RV, we knew we needed a shake down cruise – to test the systems and familiarize ourselves with RV culture. This weekend, we took our motorhome off island and camped for three nights in the Burlington KOA.


With the exception of a broken tail light at the very end of our trip, Kristine and I agree that we nailed the shake down cruise. It was just like car camping. Except we had a microwave, hot running water, our own bathroom and comfortable beds to crawl into at the end of the day.


We were surrounded by other RV families, so Henry and Ruby quickly made friends. They spent most of their time biking around the KOA property, while Kristine and I got acquainted with power, water and sewer hook ups. By the time we rolled out of camp, we felt pretty confident in our RV skills.


On the way back to the Anacortes ferry terminal, we stopped at the Padilla Bay Bike Trail, where we had a picnic before biking through some beautiful Skagit Valley farmland.


With the shakedown cruise in our rear view video monitor, we’re looking forward to our two-month summer tour of the Northwest. Members of the Fry Lodge Faithful can follow along at


Living on Lopez – NBD

This weekend we were reminded of how lucky we are to live where we live.

Henry and Ruby closed out their respective baseball seasons on Saturday by playing each other’s teams. Lopez won.


I started my Sunday with a 20-mile ride around the South End, passing several friends along the way who were enjoying the beautiful weather. Cynthia on Sperry Road, Linda on Aleck Bay Road, and Carl on MacKaye Harbor Road –  presumably on his way back from stocking the Agate Beach outhouse with magazines and fresh flowers.


This afternoon Kristine milked her first cow, Rose, who provided us with a half gallon of the freshest milk you’ve ever tasted. Ruby and I had a bowl of Cheerios with it as soon as Kristine returned.


Living on Lopez Island, no big deal.

Gotta love bicycle weather in January

A year ago, living in NYC, we didn’t even consider outdoor activity in January. With temperatures in the 50s on Lopez  today, Henry and I took a nice bike ride this afternoon around the south end of the island.

The kids have made some good friends lately. Last week, a brother and sister gave Henry and Ruby their bikes that they’ve grown out of. Our kids couldn’t have been more thrilled about their new sets of wheels.

Before our ride today, Henry and I spent some time in the Fry Lodge bike shop – cleaning the rust off our chains and generally tuning up our steeds. There’s something about a well oiled, clean bike that makes for a good ride. Henry had a smile on his face the whole route. Upon our return to Fry Lodge, he promptly crashed on the couch. That’s a sign of a good Sunday on Mud Bay.