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Beer Relations 

I spent three days in San Antonio, TX this week at the National Rural Economic Developers Association conference. While there, I took a great tour of the old Pearl Brewery, which became Pabst Brewing Company (PBC) for the last 15 … Continue reading

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The Henry Book Club 

I woke up in a cold sweat, grabbing my phone to check the time. 1:30 AM.  The book was due back at the library in the morning. I still had 150 pages to go. I quietly crept downstairs so I … Continue reading

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Longest Bedtime Story While Child Sleeps

Grandma and Grandpa Eiting gave Henry the 2016 Guinness Book of World Records for his birthday. Tonight at bedtime Henry asked if I’d read out loud from that book instead of Percy Jackson. No problem. I became totally engrossed in … Continue reading

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The Boys in the Boat

For the past week, Kristine and I have simultaneously been reading The Boys in the Boat, an excellent book about the 1936 Olympic rowing team from the University of Washington. So much of this story resonates with us. Much of … Continue reading

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Summer begins at Fry Lodge

They did it. Henry and Ruby have successfully completed their first year of school in New York City. It’s been pretty amazing to watch them grow up over the last nine months. They’ve learned so much. To celebrate the start … Continue reading

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The Littlest Cloud in the Land

Yesterday Ruby presented Kristine with her latest manuscript, called The Littlest Cloud in the Land by Ruby –  complete with illustrations and a page inside listing other well-known books by the author. Here is the full text: The littlest cloud … Continue reading

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Ruby’s Christmas Spirit

Ruby has started writing. A lot. Every day she puts a new book together. The topics have ranged from princesses to unicorns. Today she explored a new genre as she sat in front of the Christmas tree surrounded by presents.

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