A Long Goodbye

For weeks, all anybody in Seattle has been talking about is Viadoom, the anticipated gridlock to follow the permanent closure of the elevated portion of Highway 99, otherwise known as the Viaduct.

As Ruby and I departed the Henrybuilt holiday party on Friday night (Henry and Kristine had left earlier), I remembered the Viaduct was scheduled to close – forever – at 10pm. It was 9:45. We could get to the Viaduct in 5 minutes. I asked Ruby if she was up for an adventure. Silly question.


Seattle Field Trip 

The Fry Family Quartet spent the day as tourists in our former hometown today. While I biked between business meetings, Kristine, Henry and Ruby visited some of our favorite Emerald City places. Daily Dozen Donuts and the comic store in the Pike Place Market, Ballard, and PCC in Fremont. We ended the day with a picnic at Gasworks Park near the old Fry Lodge in Wallingford, while we waited for traffic to subside to an acceptable level before our drive north back to Bellingham. Seattle: a great place to visit. 

Night Walking

For the past two nights, while staying at Fry Lodge Seattle, we’ve taken a family walk after dinner. Last night we went to the waterfront and enjoyed the telescopes at Pier 66. Tonight we ventured into Seattle Center, which has the best playground we’ve ever experienced – complete with a vertical ropes course leading to two long, high twisting slides. Both kids loved this new find. Henry’s only complaint was that the spiral slide “smells like armpits.” This was good family fun, and I hope we make a habit of these evening walks.



Father’s Day – Nailed It

The Fry Family Quartet spent the weekend in Seattle after my return from an east coast business trip Friday night. We had a great time taking advantage of the big city amenities. The kids got their summer haircuts. We took in a movie (Inside Out). And, on Father’s Day, we went to Home Depot, where Kristine and the kids bought me a nail gun. I’m very thankful for my family today. Tomorrow, they return to Lopez while I stay in Seattle to prepare for the official launch of 468 Communications (Thursday, June 25).


Child Free

Today, Kristine and I walked around Seattle all day. By ourselves. This is  the longest no-kids stretch for us together all year. We hit some Seattle landmarks on our walk, including REI, the Center for Wooden Boats and Dick’s Drive In, where we had this amazing chocolate shake. Thanks to Carl and Kaye for taking Henry and Ruby for a few days while we recharge our batteries.


Happy 4-5-6 Easter

Today was a double celebration at Fry Lodge, combining Easter and our 9th wedding anniversary. We started the day with an Easter egg hunt in the apartment, followed by mass at Christ Our Hope church in Belltown and a family walk to Olympic Sculpture Park – where we had a picnic in the sun. The traditional ninth anniversary gift is willow – standing for nature and flexibility – so Kristine and I bought a picnic basket as a present for each other. It came in handy today.


Happy 4-5-6 Easter, Kristine.