Having house guests is a major motivator to do things you’ve never done or things you rarely do. Visiting Taylor Shellfish Farm, hiking to Teddy Bear Cove, roasting marshmallows in the backyard and cleaning the house made the list this weekend as a result of a visit from our good friends, the Kielys.

There are many positive aspects of a Kiely family visit. One thing we always look forward to is letting Paul have his way with our kitchen. This weekend Paul outdid himself. Saturday’s dinner involved oysters and two amazing salads. Sunday’s lunch: oyster poboys.

Teddy Bear Cove band photo

We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Kielys are welcome back to Fry Lodge anytime.


Happy New Year from Fry Lodge

The Fry Lodge Year-in-Review video is a good opportunity to reflect on an entire year of adventure, change and growth for the Fry Family. 2017 was quite a year. We made some nice friends in Bellingham, traveled all around North America… again, and [re]learned several skills, including snow skiing at the end of the year. We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings.

Happy New Year to the Fry Lodge Faithful!

2017 Fry Lodge Year-in-Review | soundtrack by B.E.R. (The Night Begins to Shine)

The Nine Days of Ruby 

Given their proximity to Christmas on the calendar, December birthdays are always at risk of being eclipsed by another widely celebrated birthday. I can’t believe I was ever concerned about that with Ruby. She has made it perfectly clear to the rest of us at Fry Lodge that the first half of December belongs to her.

Ruby turned nine on Friday. There was no school that day. Coincidence?

Breakfast in bed is a Fry Lodge birthday tradition. Ruby ordered nine waffles.

Her birthday cake request? Nine chocolate cupcakes. Candles to be inserted into her  cupcake? Nine. 

The number of guests to be invited to her bowling party today? Nine.

Is there a limit to our love for this little force of nature? Nein. 

Number 9

Fry Lodge hosted nine of Henry’s friends for his ninth birthday party today. Big success – complete with capture the flag, foursquare, cupcakes and corndogs from Tommer. One of Henry’s sweetest gifts was this homemade sign from his buddy Silas – hand painted and milled from a Lopez Douglas fir. Happy almost ninth birthday, sweet Henry.


Pre birthday party

Ruby turns 7 (!) this week, so we hosted a pre birthday party for her at Fry Lodge this weekend – complete with Christmas cookie decorating, dancing, blind folds and the chaos that typically accompanies 11 little girls high on sugar. One of my favorite conversations overheard from the kitchen was this: “Where does Santa leave presents if you don’t have a tree? Under the TV.”





Labor Day Lopez

This was the first weekend in a month that the entire Fry Family Quartet has been together on Lopez – after a series of vacation and work related trips. We got reacquainted with the people and activities we love most: biking, crabbing, kayaking, play dating and eating. The studio tour was this weekend, so we spent time at our favorite glass artist’s studio, BarnFire Glass, owned by Terri Roush.


We also enjoyed an awesome pizza party at Camp Roush on Sunday. Tommer and Terri have a wood fired pizza oven that produces some of the best pies I’ve ever eaten.


This was a wonderful Labor Day weekend, and a great way to end the summer with friends. The Fry and Roush kids get along so well and spend so much time together, we’re now scheming how we can cut a trail so the children can walk the 3 miles between our houses. Maybe there’s a water route, too.