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One Picture. 1000 Words. 

2017 Fry Lodge Easter Photo Shoot  Advertisements

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​“All Bellingham schools are closed for Tuesday, Dec. 13 due to the weather. While roads in some areas are clear, other parts of the district remain too icy, even with buses on snow routes.” Those are the first two sentences of … Continue reading

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Longest Bedtime Story While Child Sleeps

Grandma and Grandpa Eiting gave Henry the 2016 Guinness Book of World Records for his birthday. Tonight at bedtime Henry asked if I’d read out loud from that book instead of Percy Jackson. No problem. I became totally engrossed in … Continue reading

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The Newest Screen at Fry Lodge

Rarely exists something at Fry Lodge that is agreeable to every member of the Fry Family Quartet at the same time. Our new whiteboard is the exception. We make lists, draw funny pictures, use it as visual aid in conversation, … Continue reading

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The Bird

My last chore before going to bed tonight was to dump the water from the dehumidifier onto the lawn. This took me no more than 20 seconds. In that 20 seconds, a swallow flew into the Fry Lodge living room … Continue reading

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H Lounge

We are (again) in the process of a major furniture move at Fry Lodge. Having moved all of our NY apartment furniture out of storage, we now have a surplus of couches. Luckily Henry’s room is big enough to accommodate … Continue reading

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This weekend, before the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl, the Fry Family Quartet took a walk at Agate Beach on the south side of Lopez. While there, we saw the most interesting thing. This massive tree, along with its entire … Continue reading

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