End-of-Year Fry Lodge Poll

I know confidence in polls has plummeted, but I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind on this last day of 2016 and take one of my own. I asked every member of Fry Lodge what their favorite memory is from 2016. Here are the results:

10th Anniversary Trip to Hawaii: 75%

Summer of ProjectWA: 25%

Given our small sample size, I’d say our margin of error is plus or minus 75%. Others at Fry Lodge might say 25%. I’ll leave it up to Nate Silver.

Happy New Year to the Fry Lodge Faithful.


Ruby’s Super Shiny Golden Birthday 

A person’s golden birthday is when they turn the age of their birthday. For instance, if I were born on April 29th, next year would be my golden birthday. But that’s not the case. 

Today, December 8th, Ruby turned 8. Even better, she was born in 2008 at 8pm.  Given the confluence of these facts, Ruby declared today her Super Shiny Golden birthday.

Happy Birthday, Ruby Louise Fry, our one-of-a-kind, super shiny golden girl.


Fry Lodge has its first week of school at Wade King Elementary under our belt, and we all couldn’t be happier. Not only do Kristine and I get to have uninterrupted adult conversation again, but Henry and Ruby are ecstatic about their new school. Today, Henry came home and insisted he show me… the TED Talk (!) that his teacher, Mr. Livezey, showed his class. I watched. My mind was blown. It’s a talk by Art Benjamin, a self-described mathemagician, who does crazy math in his head in front of an audience. In this TED Talk, he calculates the square of randomly picked, five-digit numbers. In seconds. Henry has a new hero, and he couldn’t be more psyched about being in 4th grade at Wade King. Watch and have your mind blown.


Ranking Rotors

Henry is participating in his first science fair this week. He’s been hard at work testing his hypothesis related to the strength of different types of windmill rotor blades. This weekend, around the breakfast table, we brainstormed what to call his project. The winning title was “Ranking Rotors.” Before taking the data to school, Henry gave a short presentation on his findings.

As a result of this experience, Henry says he wants to be an engineer when he grows up. Thank you, Mr. B. Thank you, Lopez School. And, thank you, Kristine, who was Henry’s engineering coach throughout this project.

The Rules of COSTCO

On our way back to Lopez from Seattle this weekend, the Fry Family Quartet paid a visit to COSTCO. We did the math and determined that periodic pilgrimages to this wholesale mecca make all kinds of sense for the Fry Lodge budget. Stocking up on household basics, combined with topping up our gas tank, will more than pay for the ferry trip to the mainland. We also know that it’s easy to fall into the traps that await shoppers up and down the aisles. So, we prepared the kids for this and established the Rules of COSTCO. Henry committed these to memory and agreed to recite them on video, which Ruby helped edit (including picking out the soundtrack used in the title and credit sequences).

Schweppes, Good for Any Occasion

We consume a lot more Schweppes than the average family of four. It’s become a bit of an obsession at Fry Lodge. We never leave the house without a small cooler full of this amazing seltzer water. Tonight, Henry got a small burn from an ember that jumped out of the campfire. We had no ice to apply to the burn. But we did have a cold can of Schweppes. Appreciating the many uses of our favorite beverage, Ruby suggested a new tag line. And then somebody suggested we shoot a commercial. So we did.

We were at one of our favorite places, Spencer Spit, to maybe catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis. We left long before the lights of the North came out, but we had a lot of fun.