The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth 

We got our rodeo on at the Calgary Stampede today. The Stampede is essentially a big, urban, cowboy-themed fair, complete with amusement park rides, carnival games and farm animal barns. But the main event is really the rodeo, where world champion athletes compete in events like bull and bareback bronco riding, steer wrestling, and barrel racing. 

We watched Tiany Schuster from Krum, Texas shatter the barrel racing world record, completing the course in 16.99 seconds. We also witnessed a cowboy carried off on a stretcher (pictured above) after being slammed to the dirt and then trampled by the mad bull he’d been riding. He ended up winning the bull riding competition for having hung on so long. The announcer told us later that he’s going to be OK. 

We were in the nose bleed seats, which was fine with us, given the breeze that cooled off the grandstand. From up there, we had a nice view of the instant replays on the jumbotron. Henry and Ruby got really into recording stats in the program. Both announced at the end of the day that they think they could compete in the pony wrangling event. I believe it.  

Kristine and I enjoyed every second of the Stampede, and we’d tend to agree it lives up to its “Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth” billing. We wish we had more time to check out Calgary, but we’re looking forward to exploring the prairies of Alberta and Saskatchewan this weekend. 



Route Transcanadienne 

The Fry Family Quartet is 977 kilometers into our Canadian road trip en route to Nebraska. Day one took us through Hope and Salmon Arm as we skirted BC’s wildfires before setting up camp in Sicamous. Despite the smokey haze, the scenery was breathtaking, especially when we entered the Canadian Rockies. We spent our second night in Banff, which we all agree is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been. This morning, we soaked for a few hours in Banff’s Upper Hot Springs. The kids told me the water was too hot, to which I replied that’s why they call them hot springs. 

So relaxed, I was glad we had less than a two-hour drive to Calgary, where we are now. Tomorrow we hit the rodeo at the Calgary Stampede. This isn’t our first rodeo

RV life is good. With last summer’s trip under our belts, we have streamlined things significantly. Fewer clothes (Ruby as the exception), no dinette table crowding the RV (we always eat outside anyway), and no 2-vehicle convoy (we travel much better together now). 

Did I mention that Canada is beautiful? 

Ruby and Henry above Banff, Alberta