Gotta love bicycle weather in January

A year ago, living in NYC, we didn’t even consider outdoor activity in January. With temperatures in the 50s on Lopez  today, Henry and I took a nice bike ride this afternoon around the south end of the island.

The kids have made some good friends lately. Last week, a brother and sister gave Henry and Ruby their bikes that they’ve grown out of. Our kids couldn’t have been more thrilled about their new sets of wheels.

Before our ride today, Henry and I spent some time in the Fry Lodge bike shop – cleaning the rust off our chains and generally tuning up our steeds. There’s something about a well oiled, clean bike that makes for a good ride. Henry had a smile on his face the whole route. Upon our return to Fry Lodge, he promptly crashed on the couch. That’s a sign of a good Sunday on Mud Bay.



Back on the Bike

After a long hiatus due to the cross country move and business travel, I took a great bike ride today. My mission: find a route I can use for my commute to work every day and sign up for a gym near the office where I can change and keep my riding gear during the day. Mission accomplished. It’s so great to see New York becoming bicycle friendly. The bike path along the Hudson River (two thirds of my route) is scenic and well organized for lots of bike traffic. And the main streets are getting more and more bike lanes, especially with the new Citi bikes installed all over town. It looks like my commute will be about 40 minutes each way via bike – not much longer than if I took the subway. And my folding bike does well on the flat terrain of Manhattan. So happy to be back on the bike.