Henry Makes a Wish

Henry turned 11 this week. For his birthday, he requested: a steak and potato dinner, cupcakes, and a day of skiing with his friends. We obliged.


Henry is Ten

As Kristine and I walked around Lake Padden this morning, we reminisced about another 3-mile walk she took exactly 10 years ago. At 40 weeks pregnant, and after 2 months of bed rest, Kristine decided to walk to Blue Moon Burger, where she ordered the spicy jalapeño burger. That, combined with the mile-and-a-half walk home, quickly led to labor and the birth of Henry Owen Fry, who turned 10 today. 

The large volume of red meat preceding his birth probably explains Henry’s preference for a juicy steak birthday dinner. He also likes spicy food. 

Everybody was extremely pleased with how Henry’s 10th birthday unfolded. It started, of course, with breakfast in bed. Immediately after chess club, we opened presents and ate cupcakes. Nothing fancy. Small presents. We told Henry he should go downstairs to play the new video game Ruby gave him. Waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs was a new big boy bike. We’d successfully underset expectations and overdelivered. 

Happy birthday, Henry. I’m so glad Kristine ate that burger 10 years ago. 

Ruby’s Super Shiny Golden Birthday 

A person’s golden birthday is when they turn the age of their birthday. For instance, if I were born on April 29th, next year would be my golden birthday. But that’s not the case. 

Today, December 8th, Ruby turned 8. Even better, she was born in 2008 at 8pm.  Given the confluence of these facts, Ruby declared today her Super Shiny Golden birthday.

Happy Birthday, Ruby Louise Fry, our one-of-a-kind, super shiny golden girl.

I love Ruby because…

As we sat down for Ruby’s birthday dinner tonight, we went around the table sharing one thing we each love about our 7-year-old princess. Kristine said she loves Ruby’s always happy attitude. I said I love her sense of humor. When we got to Henry, well, there was a bit of an awkward silence.


After some prodding, he said he appreciated that Ruby shared a piece of candy with him earlier in the day. Henry loves his little sister more than he lets on. Despite his momentary lapse over dinner, he made sure today was a special day for her. And it most certainly was – from breakfast in bed to the amazing chocolate cake that Kristine baked. Happy birthday, little girl. We love you more.



Henry’s Pre-Birthday Surprise

Our friends, the Kvistads, invited us over for dinner this evening. Earlier in the day we had mentioned in passing that tomorrow is Henry’s birthday. Just a few hours later, after we’d finished a delicious dinner, they surprised us with a homemade cake for Henry. This was so incredibly sweet, and reminds us – yet again – that we live in an amazing community, surrounded by wonderful people. Thank you Brian, Jennell, Freda and Sam. What a great pre-birthay present for Henry.


P. S. The cake was so good.