Tonight after dinner, while Kristine and Ruby took the recycling down to the garage, Henry told me he had something to tell me as soon as his mom and sister were safely out of earshot. When he heard the garage door close, he turned to me with a smile on his face and said, “I know that you and Mom buy all the Santa presents. I know you stuff our stockings. I know you hide the Easter eggs. I know all of it.” 

I was completely blindsided. It’s August 28th. Who brings this up at this time of year? I mean, it’s not even Labor Day yet. These are the types of questions/assertions one starts to expect around Thanksgiving. Halloween at the earliest. Not in the dog days of summer! I was not prepared, damn it. 

As I heard the girls coming back up the stairs, and as my son just stood there, smiling at me, all I could muster was, “Why are you talking about this right now?” I was panicked. What if this was some sort of a bluff? 

Well, it wasn’t a bluff. When Ruby left the room again, I loudly started doing the dishes and beckoned Kristine to the sink. 

“Henry just brought up a very unexpected topic,” I said, with the intonation of a question. 

“Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you. He brought it up today after school, so I told him everything. He asked about a bunch of other stuff, too.”

And so starts 5th grade for Henry and 3rd grade for Ruby. 


Red Christmas

The Fry Family Quartet spent Christmas in Omaha, Nebraska this year. It’s been so nice to spend the holidays at Jim and Mary Kay’s house. With all their cousins under one roof, Henry and Ruby have been in kid heaven. We’ll have even more family gathered today, as we expect many Cornhuskers to stop by to watch Nebraska take on USC in the Holiday Bowl. Go Big Red.


Pretty Paper

After moving all of our belongings back across the country, we’ve found ourselves with a surplus of packing paper. Combine that with an abundance of the Christmas spirit, and you get one crafty Fry Lodge holiday. Tonight we made our own Christmas wrapping paper. I’m anxious to see if this tradition sticks. We certainly have the paper for it.



Our first NYC Christmas

It was a very, merry Christmas at the Fry Lodge. We had a relaxed morning opening gifts and drinking coffee at Fry Lodge West Village. Kristine got a framed map of Seattle. I got original, framed abstract art from Henry and Ruby (by Henry and Ruby). And the kids got, well, everything. We’re very fortunate. The best gift is perspective, and I hope we never lose that. We reminisced throughout the day about our visit to New York last Christmas, before we knew we’d be moving here. What a year it has been.

In the afternoon, we took the subway to Brooklyn to see the Eitings, who had prepared a special feast of the beast. The cousins thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company, as usual. Merry Christmas to the Fry Lodge Faithful. We love you all.


The Fry Lodge Quartet got into the Christmas spirit today, despite New York temperatures hitting 70 degrees. We took in a movie (ironically, Disney’s Frozen), hit several playgrounds along the Hudson River, and had a wonderful dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Red Farm. We’re ending the day with hot cocoa by the Christmas tree listening to Charlie Brown’s Christmas album.

Crab on Christmas

Dungeness crab is the traditional Christmas meal at Fry Lodge. Today, we were joined by Katie and Patrick Rossman, for a crab lunch that put us all into food comas. When awake, Henry and Ruby played with their Christmas loot: Legos, Playmobile, basketball hoop, hello kitty stuff, art supplies, etc. It has been another wonderful Christmas. Peace to all the Fry Lodge Faithful.