Henry Makes a Wish

Henry turned 11 this week. For his birthday, he requested: a steak and potato dinner, cupcakes, and a day of skiing with his friends. We obliged.


Henry Takes Tacoma

Six months of tournaments culminated this weekend with Henry’s participation in the 2017 Washington State Chess Championship Tournament at the Tacoma Convention Center. To qualify, Henry had to win at least 3 games in at least one qualifying tournament this year. He managed to do that in all six tournaments in which he played. He had to turn it up a notch for Tacoma, though, as every kid there had won at least as many games as he had; and most had been playing for several years. H-man took it all in stride, winning two out of his five games in the state tournament. We’re so proud of you, Henry!

He wants it

Henry Owen Fry played his first-ever baseball game on Saturday. In the words of his coach, “he wants it.” Which, at this age, is way more than half the battle. He wants it. He wanted to play catcher. He wanted to play first base. And he wanted to hit that ball. He did. On his very first at-bat, Henry hit the ball. He was thrown out at first, but we were so proud. On his second at-bat, he hit it again. This time he outran the throw to first. We couldn’t be more proud of Henry “Hank” Owen Fry. Here is his first hit, in slow motion.

Hank Owen