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Guinea Pig: A Path to New HabitsĀ 

On Saturday, Ruby and I had some tense moments, which resulted in this declaration: “Tomorrow I’m taking the screens away forever.” Like many parents, Kristine and I struggle daily with the first world problem of how much screen time we … Continue reading

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I love Ruby because…

As we sat down for Ruby’s birthday dinner tonight, we went around the table sharing one thing we each love about our 7-year-old princess. Kristine said she loves Ruby’s always happy attitude. I said I love her sense of humor. … Continue reading

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Pre birthday party

Ruby turns 7 (!) this week, so we hosted a pre birthday party for her at Fry Lodge this weekend – complete with Christmas cookie decorating, dancing, blind folds and the chaos that typically accompanies 11 little girls high on … Continue reading

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The Graduate

Ruby Fry graduated from Lopez Island Elementary Kindergarten on Thursday. As I watched her receive her diploma I imagined 12 years from now, when she’ll be graduating from high school. I know that moment will come before Kristine and I … Continue reading

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The Biker and the Storyteller

I’ve always wanted to make a business trip where I could completely rely on my bike for transportation. But it’s always been too convenient to take a car – either my own or somebody else’s, whether that be hitching a … Continue reading

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Ruby Gets Her First Phone Call

The phone rang tonight. Our phone never rings. It was a 468 number, so I answered. The girl on the other end of the line asked to speak with Ruby. It was her friend Thea from school. It took me … Continue reading

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Born This Way

Today was Ruby’s turn to start school at Lopez Island Elementary. We celebrated with ice cream cones. Tomorrow, if all goes well, both kids will be taking the school bus for the first time in their lives.

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